using quark for map editing

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using quark for map editing

here is a link for quark download --
and here is a tutorial --

and look under quake2mapping in the files section of this site for stuff like quake2 compilers which is needed for making maps with a level editor like quark

radiant is another map editor which is also in the files section or u can get it from other locations on the net

quark is good because it is compatable with lots of games.

i can help you out if you are just starting mapping but only with quark,

also there is a forum site called quake2 cafe,, link -- -- where you can ask qusetions about mapping and even upload your maps there for the world to see

planetquake was a good site where you could upload your maps but it has not been updated for quite some time'

ok if you need help be sure to contact me
ok thats all bye from macanah