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i have a linux partion on my laptop    i have ubuntu Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS version
link to ubuntu site -- http://www.ubuntu.com/
if u try to intall linux ubuntu u must use ext4 file system for it to work during setup
oh yeah ubuntu is free as well

i recommend it
even steam has some games which are compatable with linux
it has firefox and skype

ok thats all i can think of
i give linux ubuntu two thumbs up :)
ok bye from macanah
coinwalk coinwalk
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Re: ubuntu

use ubuntu every day now i have found you can use xfs or jfs too not just ext4
viruses are made for windows and mac so i have fun and no issues
it really sucks how many viruses are made these days just to piss you off
i have never really made a virus just a program once run deletes all your whole hard drive.
it worked but lost my windows testing it so never released it but it worked for windows mac and linux
but the program is no more cause it deleted itself
by the way linux is about one line of code for the deletion but you need root privledges
root is like administrator on windows
hope that clears stuff up and will get some time soon to repost