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minimal r1q2 aq2 - guide Windows

Hi Freewill.

I did a guide like this one time which was on my web host but lost it when i closed my web hosting account. So here it is, i actually find this information useful as a reference if I've deleted my Quake2 dir after a windows drive format or whatever. Also note there are many different clients to use for Quake2 this is the client i use and find works for me. Even if you use/prefer a different client try using this guide and build a r1q2 client and see if you like it. r1q2 is old school and i like it a lot, has never failed me. Cheers, enjoy.

Minimals guide to Aq2 using the q2 client R1q2.

Get all the files you need. - google

 > q2demo (q2-314-demo-x86.exe)
 > 3.20 q2 patch (q2-3.20-x86-full.exe)
 > action client installer (actn1Ccl.exe)
 > Vwepbuxfix (vwepfix.exe)
 > actionclientfix (1cCLfix.exe)

Get and install/extract the r1q2 client files. -
Get r1gl as well and set to r1gl in q2 video menu (see r1q2 site for more info)

Optional customization:
Installing pak files. rename customization .pak files in order. Eg woodensniperskin.pak you would rename after the next .pak file in numbered order from whatever .pak you have in /action/ dir.
Eg. If you already have pak0.pak in /action/ Get your woodensnipreskin.pak and rename it to pak1.pak to install it.

Setting up the game.
 >edit your autoexec.cfg in /action/ (open it in notepad)
  make a new config option rule set after the last line of code called //Modifications
  Make/Add these alterations=
   > name freewill-yourname
   > bind r weapon
   > set sensitivity 3
   > set vid_ref "r1gl"
   > set cl_async 1
   > set vid_forcewidth "1920"
   > set vid_forceheight "1080"
 bind r weapon (controls/activates the sniper rifle zooming)
 set sensitivity 3 (controls global mouse movement speed, adjust to your liking. You must change
 it in autoexec.cfg with q2 closed then save it and re-enter q2 to apply the changes )
 Adjust set vid_forcewidth/vid_forceheight to your monitors/windows desktop default resolution.

The customizations i use personally from marlporo site. (note one of the pak files in this rar goes in      /Quake 2/baseq2/ one goes in /action/ read the readme.txt for more info)

Further fixes:
 In Quake2 menu goto multiplayer>player setup and change allow download options to all enabled.
 Create shortcut in /Quake 2/ for r1q2.exe and goto target options and add +connect after r1q2.exe This will allow you to one click aq2 and enter immortal frag server.

Any Questions, Comments, feel free. Will answer ASAP. I will further add this guide on aq2 gameplay/tactics, soonish when i get time.