making quark addons for mods etc

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making quark addons for mods etc

A quark addon is just a
file to use different
entities for mods for
the games that quark supports
that arent included
Just copy the addon which
has the extension = .qrk
To the addon folder in your
kingpin directory
To make the .qrk addon file
for a modification that
doesnt already have one
Try this -- Go to Toolboxes
then go to new file --
then go to GAME CONTEXT
Then choose the game
then put in source directory
and then game directory

Then click on get entities
for this game  
then when its done, name the
file something like kpmod.qrk
and put it in your quark addon
You can also get custom textures
from the mod as well
by clicking on get textures

Then to make it work in quark
go to the configuration then to
the GAME you choose to make the
map for -- then goto addons and
load the addon for the mod you
need and thats all you have to do

BTW if u have to many addons
loaded at the same time for
differentrent mods
you might have to unload the
addons you dont need for the mod

Also the first time you add
an addon you might have to
reload quark.

Thats all
bye from macanah :)