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Hi here is a config that might help some ppl

//for quick server changing in games like kingpin and quake2  
//quake2 and kingpin are both C

addserveralias mnhkpnetsv "echo type mnhkpctf to join my ctf sv mnhkpbots for my ffa botmatch sv type mnhkpriotz for my riotz sv type mnhkpcoop for coop sv"

addserveralias mnhkpctf "connect"
addserveralias mnhkpbots "connect"
addserveralias mnhkpriotz "connect"
//addserveralias mnhkpusabme "connect"
//addserveralias mnhkpusaforce "connect
addserveralias mnhkpcoop "connect"
//i don't think the goto part is easily doable
//it'd be just the one comman

//you just need all the addserveralias commands to run at server startup
//the order doesn't matter